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IFFR in Groningen: 30 January - 3 February 2019

If you’ve ever wept, grinned, giggled, grieved, or fallen completely silent at the cinema, you know: some of our most intriguing emotional responses can come to us when we’re watching a film. These emotions are at the heart of IFFR 2019: five days full of films that are challenging what we see and the way we feel.

Be surprised, shocked, confused and inspired. Or, in other words: feel IFFR!

IFFR in Groningen: 30 January - 3 February 2019

Ticket sales have started!

Buy your tickets for IFFR in Groningen now, online or at the cash register of Hereplein 73.

Language no problem

Many films at IFFR in Groningen are English spoken or have English subtitles. You'll recognise them by the 'Language no problem' label. On this page, we will list all films that are appropriate for our international guests.

Complete IFFR in Groningen agenda - language no problem

Practical info

Ticket sales

All tickets are sold online and at the cash register of Hereplein 73 (pin and cash) while stock lasts.

When a screening at Grand Theatre, Der Aa-kerk or VERA is not sold out, the remaining tickets will be sold at that location 15 minutes before screening time.

Ticket prices

Tickets for films at Hereplein 73 and Grand Theatre:
+ Wed 23 - Fr 25 Jan: early bird tickets € 8,50
+ From Sat 26 Jan: regular tickets € 11,00 // people younger than 25 & students € 6,00

Tickets for films at other locations:
+ VERA € 8,50
+ Der Aa-kerk € 15,00 // people younger than 25 & students € 10,00

Terms & conditions

+ All tickets are being sold online up until 15 minutes before screening time.
+ Each day, the cash registers close 15 minutes after the last screening has started.
+ Our "tienrittenkaart" is not valid during IFFR in Groningen.
+ It is not possible to reserve tickets.
+ Bought tickets can not be returned.
+ Please hold your ticket at hand for quick scanning at the doors. Mobile tickets? Set your screen to the brightest setting.

Please note!

Make sure to be on time, because there is no pre-programme (trailers etc.) before festival screenings.

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